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1) Seeds
Please write in the Seed followed by which Seed Bank it is from. Separate each combination with a comma ","
Example: Skunk #1/Dutch Passion, Northern Lights/Willy Jack

Seed(s) / Seed Bank(s):___________________________________________________________________________

2) Quantity
All seeds come in packs of 10. Enter the number of packs you would like, if you are ordering different types of seeds indicate the type of seed, followed by the number of packs.
Example: Fast Spear/Spice of Life x 3 , Big Bud/Quebec Seed Bank x 3
Seed / Number of packs x:_____________________________________________________________

3) Alternate Selections
The seeds you select are sometimes not in stock when your order arrives. Please give 1 alternative for each seed you have ordered, 2 if possible.

Seed(s) / Seed Bank(s):___________________________________________________________________________

4) Total Value of Order - Make International money order (it will pink) out to R. H.

United States Currency
SEEDS __________ USD +  $20 USD shipping and handling
Total =____________ US dollars

Canadian Currency
SEEDS __________ CDN + $20 CDN shipping and handling
Total = ____________ Canadian dollars 

5) Shipping
Print this sheet, fill it out, OR write out the same info on a piece of paper and send it to:

2238 Dundas Street West
P.O. Box 59073
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6R 3B5

Fill out the following so your order can be mailed to you:

Shipping Name (Alias):____________________________________

Shipping Street Address:________________________________ Apartment or Unit___________




Zip code / Postal code:___________________________

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